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Adopt an elephant: Kiruba

Asian Elephant

Name: Kiruba (meaning ‘grace’)

Species: Asian elephant

About Kiruba: Kiruba lives in Corbett National Park, in the Terai Arc lowlands of India. She has a son and a daughter, and is the dominant female in an extended family of more than 20 elephants. As the matriarch of the group she is relied upon to find food, water and safe habitat.

About elephants: Asian elephant populations have decreased dramatically as their habitat is encroached upon by logging and agricultural clearance. Illegal and unsustained logging is a worldwide problem destroying nature, damaging communities and distorting trade. Around half of the world’s original forests have now disappeared, and they are still being removed far faster than they are being replaced.

From just £3.00 a month you can adopt Kiruba. Your support will help WWF to safeguard the future of wild elephants, and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

Estimated figures for this species suggest that there are presently only around 30,000 of these animals remaining in the wild and in addition to their habitat being under constant threat the animals themselves are hunted for their ivory, meat and their hides.

The WWF is a charity that is devoted to protecting elephants and many other endangered species from the predominatly human factors threatening their very existance. Should you decide to make a donation by adopting an elephant you will be directly contributing to the protection and conservation of these incredible animals.

If you adopt an elephant, your donation will help to ensure that these wild animals continue to exist. Sponsor an elephant now and make a difference.